murphy bed enclosure

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the story

I've done a few of these. The client has a room with limited space but needs extra sleeping accommodations. A blow-up mattress, while temporarily useful, is not a practical long term solution. A murphy bed; that is, a bed on a mechanism that folds down and then lifts up out of the way and concealed behind an attractive cabinet is an excellent choice in such a circumstance. In this case, the client wanted the doors to slide out of the way so I had to design and engineer a way for 4 large solid wood panels to fold and slide to the touch. Another adventure with a happy ending.

custom cabinetry

red oak

26"d x 72"w x 96"h

price: $12,000

  • this murphy bed enclosure is unique for a couple of reasons: it's made of solid wood and its doors are folding pocket doors which means that when the bed is extended, the doors are folded and slid back, out of sight and out of the way.

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