saddle river night table

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the story

as part of a commission, I was asked to build 2 night tables that complemented the early American styling of an existing master bedroom. While that was not particularly challenging or unusual, the client also requested that the wood be birdseye maple. The way it's designed, it would have to be solid birdseye maple. I don't think I've seen so much birdseye maple in my experience let alone have to procure enough for 2 tables! Not only that but birdseye can be pretty gnarly to work with; if not handled with the right tools kept pretty sharp, it's prone to deep tear-outs. After calling around, I found a cache of figured maple at a small mill in Vermont and luckily they had enough stock for me to complete the job. The end result was happy but the adventure of the whole process is not self-evident!


solid birdseye bedroom furniture


22"h x 17"w x 36"L

solid birdseye maple

full extension drawer

price: $2,500


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