nocito table

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the story:

a neighbor has liked my work since the first time he saw my shop after moving into the neighborhood. He kept saying that someday he'd like me to build a piece(s) for his family and him. Well, someday arrived over the summer. He left most of the aesthetic decisions up to his wife - he just wanted something 'with lots of wood and solid'. She wanted something that wood have lots of wood, blend with their environment and be comfortable to use. 'Farmhouse rustic' was the styling they preferred, so having walked through the essential design criteria with them, I set to work designing their 'perfect' dining table, one tailored to their tastes and needs.

table: 2 1/2"thick x 30"h x 38"w x 78"L

bench (2):1 1/2"thick x 18"h x 14"w x 72"L 

Douglas Fir from reclaimed factory framing lumber

catalyzed 'eco' oil finish

price: $2500/table; $1200/bench


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