maggie's desk

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the story

As with all of my products, there's a story behind the development. The prospective client, referred by a friend, liked my work and wanted a table/desk that would suit her particular needs; that is, simple, clean lines emphasizing the beauty of wood and with certain practical considerations. The primary user would be a tall man, so the height of the apron had to be as minimal as possible. Along with a pencil drawer, this required some special engineering to ensure structural integrity would not be compromised. I was also able to find 3 planks of figured cherry which became the focal point of the design - the restrained detailing complements rather than competes with the wood.

what it is

This desk, measuring 30"h x 29"w x 55"L, is made of solid cherry and custom-designed for an apartment in Manhattan. It has one 'pencil' drawer and also features a cable management tray that runs nearly the full length of the table beneath the cutout in the top.

price: $2,500


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