ledyard bench

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the story

this table/bench was intended as an expression of the wood and the way it's joined more than as a design statement. Many years ago, I bought a flitch of 4/4 curly maple - a flitch is a group of boards that's been cut sequentially out of one log. For a woodworker, having a stash of figured maple that's a 'book' like this is not unlike a little pot of gold. Over time, I'd mete out a couple of boards at a time where matching figured wood was best showcased. One day, though, I came down to the end of my savings - the last two planks. This is how I used them.

Simple lines allow the figured maple and hand-cut dovetails to be the emphasis.

curly maple

20'w x 16'h x 42'L

price: $2,000

  • solid construction and figured wood make this piece suitable for many uses   - function does not necessarily follow form!


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