irvington table

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the story

a couple of years before, I designed and built some painted built-in cabinets for this couple. They called me back with a unique problem: they have 2 small children and spend a lot of time in their family room. Could I design and build a coffee table height table that could expand and stand up to rough treatment. Challenging but not out of reach. I used a similar approach to how I build many of my expanding dining tables and I also allowed for self-storing of the 3 leaves. By the way, I accommodated one additional parameter: I re-used the client's back stairs that had been torn out for a prior remodeling project.


expanding coffee table

sliding table top allows expansion

self-storing leaves

24"w x 48/72"L x 16"h

available in walnut, cherry, white oak or maple

price: $2,000


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