dickson music stand

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the story

a college classmate of mine contacted me and asked me if I had any interest in creating a sheet music stand for him. As a guitar player, he enjoyed playing both standing and sitting so the part holding the music would need to be adjustable up and down. It would also have to have an adjusting tilt as the angle would change as it moved up and down. Lightweight but sturdy and stable, it would also need to have a small shelf as well as pockets for pics. Once again, the design process was everything and the end result hides a lot of the struggle. Aside from the mechanical feat of making the back spine slide up and down inside the rear leg, I was pleased with the aesthetic 'presence' of this piece; how everything just fit together as though it was all meant to. Sounds like an 'of course' but it isn't.

one of a kind

solid cherry

bent laminated legs

adjustable height and angle
custom designed for guitar player

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