solid cherry kitchen

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the story

I was invited to design this kitchen 'from scratch' with the client - a fairly uncommon opportunity in my experience. Aside from styling and wood selection, which were actually among the last choices, what this involved was going through each function that she would want to perform in her new kitchen and assigning uses to various cabinets. It meant doing actual full size layouts and 'walking through' how she saw herself using the space. It sounds relatively easy but it takes some disciplined thinking through to see things in the present where they don't exist. The more this kind of visualization is done, though, the higher the probability of a successful outcome; that is, of the client's satisfaction with the product.

kitchen cabinets as one-offs

cherry, marble tops, tile backsplash

custom sized

approximate price: $1500/linear foot (cabinetry only)

  • kitchens and bathrooms designed and built to look and feel like furniture

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