croton fold-up

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the story

a client from a couple of years ago approached me with a peculiar kind of challenge: his father had made a folding table to be used in front of the TV while eating or snacking. It was somewhat simply and crudely made and was starting to fail the test of time. My client asked me if I could make a sturdier model out of solid wide oak which could transform just as easily so it could be easily stored when not in use. It would need more robust hardware as well as a mechanism to prevent the legs from swinging freely, and sometimes wildly, when the table was moved. Oh, and he'd like 4 of them.

fold-up or fold-out

TV table with hinged sides and top opens for use in front of a chair or folds up and stacks when not in use

shown in solid white oak

30"w x 16"d x 27"h

design adapted from a client's homemade model


price: $1,000


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