A Case for Custom

You’ve taken on a lot in choosing to redo your kitchen or build the addition or create a study or rec-room in the basement. The parade of problems, alternatives, solutions and decisions has seemed endless and has left you questioning your sanity for having taken this project on in the first place. With construction being almost complete, it seems like the end is in sight, and yet, suddenly, there is one more gamut to run: choosing the furnishings.
Seems like a no-brainer at this point – you’ve sunk a small fortune into structural, mechanical and cosmetic upgrades to your property, why would you want to draw the process out and spend any more than is absolutely necessary? Any furniture product from the ‘box stores’ would certainly be adequate, save time and money and draw the difficult process of ‘upgrade’ to an expeditious close.

Here’s why: even though it’s the last step, the way you furnish your project, whether it’s new construction or a room tune-up, will be the part with which you most closely interact. These are items you will use, look at, touch and also present to the rest of the world as what represents your home. While the structural alterations may have created the space, your choices for furnishing it will have a greater impact upon how you use that space; putting the time and money into getting what works the best for you is a worthy investment. In the relative scheme of things, choosing to have something made for your space and to your specifications will end up being a bargain.

Breakfast bar with custom cabinets to match the existing kitchen, live edge walnut slab and custom designed and built bar stools

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