Custom Millwork by peaslee design

Desk1RszThese days, it isn’t always easy to let your furniture make a statement about who you are and what you want your home to be. In this age of mass production, it seems the only statement you can make is the one the mass furniture manufacturers will make for you and everyone else. At peaslee design I want to change that. I offer professional custom millwork and have crafted custom wood furniture – including custom wood tables, custom wood chairs, and custom wood cabinets – for many satisfied clients. With the ability to design and craft just about any type of custom millwork you can think of, peaslee design creates custom wood furniture that is entirely personal and unique to each client.

Custom Wood Tables

One type of custom wood furniture that I produce is custom wood tables. The centerpiece of any dining area, the family table is where stories are shared and memories made – if you want to make a statement with your furniture, a custom milled table is a great way to do it. Custom wood tables can be as conservative or bold as you want, designed and built with your custom design in mind. I will create a table that is your table, generated from your concept, an heirloom-worthy piece that can be handed down from generation to generation.

Custom Wood Chairs

Many of my clients believe no custom table is complete without a set of custom wood chairs. The best thing about custom chairs is you can order as many as you think you’ll need. Order more if you have a large family or entertain often, and order less if your dinner parties are regularly small and quaint. Order every chair the same or in two different designs – one design for the side chairs and another design for chairs at the head and foot of your custom table.

Custom Wood Cabinets

Many people don’t pay much attention to their cabinets – which is unfortunate considering how much space cabinets take up in a person’s field of view. Every inch of cabinetry and potential cabinetry is square footage that you could make truly your own with the help of custom millwork from peaslee design. No matter where you want to install custom wood cabinets, from the kitchen to the bathroom and from the basement to the bedroom, I can transform cabinet space into conversation pieces that are absolutely striking and practical one-of-a-kind creations.

Custom Millwork

On top of looking amazing, my custom millwork is made strong and built to last. I sell my pieces as heirloom worthy because that is exactly what they are. All you need are loved ones to pass your custom furniture down to, and my furniture can serve your family for generations. Contact peaslee design today. I look forward to working with you. Write to me at or, if you’d prefer to talk, call me at 845-594-1352.

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