Custom Built‑Ins for Your Home

peaslee design can design and build strikingly beautiful custom built‑ins for your home. In the 24 years I’ve been operating independently, I’ve gained depth and breadth of experience and have become accomplished at my craft. Your imagination coupled with my expertise can create custom built‑ins that are works of art. My one‑of‑a‑kind creations will be a realization of how you envision your living space. If you’d like to take that step and turn your vision into reality, choosing custom built‑ins from peaslee design is a reliable way to get there.

Your custom built‑ins are created with your collaboration. The products handcrafted at peaslee design are not just created with you in mind, they are generated from your direct input.  I guide you step by step through the conceptual process, help you to articulate what you have in mind, produce renderings and shop drawings to flesh out your ideas and then plug in my expertise to bring your ideas to life.  This will truly be your signature piece.

Many of my customers come back again and again; they recognize this process as something that resonates with them. At peaslee design my intention is to provide you with originally conceived items that are tailored to your needs. I use the highest quality and most appropriate materials in all my cabinets and furniture. This is part of what gives your custom built‑ins value unavailable from more conventional stock cabinetry. By choosing peaslee design to help you create your custom built‑ins, you are adding substantial value to your home as well as to the way you live.

I believe custom built‑ins are an effective and practical way to connect you and your family to the place you call home. Custom built‑ins help to convert your home into a personal home.  Some of the custom work I’ve designed include:

• Entertainment Centers
• Custom Libraries
• Murphy Beds
• Cherry Kitchens
• Home Office Desks
• Bathroom Vanities
• And more

peaslee design custom built‑ins are thoughtfully developed, handcrafted using time‑honored techniques, durable for a lifetime of use as well as enhancing your living space. You’ll be delighted with your custom built‑ins in no small part because you’ve been so integral to bringing them to life.

Custom built‑ins often become the focal points of rooms. peaslee design custom built‑ins as individualized expressions turn out to be show‑stoppers. My approach to custom design is about personalizing style. I know that you’ll enjoy the whole experience, start to finish, of expressing yourself with truly authentic and tailored custom built‑ins. At peaslee design building custom creations is not something I sometimes do, building custom creations is all I do. Everything I do is held up to the highest standard, your standard.

I guarantee you’ll love your custom built‑ins from peaslee design. Go through the different tabs of the peaslee design website, get some ideas of what I can do for you and then give me a call. I look forward to working with you.

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