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the story: 

a prospect called me after having found my website while surfing the web, wanting to know if I do countertops; wood, naturally. Hers would be a bit different in that she wanted a 'waterfall' return; that is, for the horizontal surface to wrap over the end cabinet and go down to the floor. It was a different and unusual request - I'd never done it before in stock as thick, wide or long as what would be required for a counter. I told her that such an undertaking would be enormously challenging to pull off cleanly, competently and cost-effectively. While that gave her pause for a week or so, she came back adamant that that's what she wanted. I calculated a price, which, like many of my estimates for one-offs was little more than a silly wild-ass guess (we call them swags) and away we went. Long story short, I cut dovetails - the best joint for such an application, in my view - through 1 3/4" stock standing 4 feet off the ground: things that I had never done before. It came out beautifully though a bit heavy to install.

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