mission dining table

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the story

I designed this table on spec anticipating the need for a dining table that wasn't necessarily just for a dining room. As peoples' habits change, so do their needs. It's not often anymore that there's a strict need for a dedicated dining table. More commonly, a table does double, triple and even quadruple-duty as eating surface, work surface, staging surface and for 2 people up to 10 people. It has to be sturdy, able to transform size easily and be pretty durable; oh, it'd be nice if it looked great, too!


kitchen or dining room

white oak with oil finish


36"w x 29"h x 66/102"L

(3) 12" self-storing leaves

price: $5,000

  • designed as a 'crossover' table - it can be used in a kitchen nook or as the main dining table.
  • 3 self-storing leaves means this table can seat 6 or 10.
  • smooth sliding mechanism makes changing up easy

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