how to order custom furniture and cabinetry

The first step is critical – though it seems obvious: choose what you want. Everything follows from that choice.

The images on my site are here to give you an idea of what I’ve done but also to give you a sense of what’s possible.

There are three routes you can follow to place an order with visiting my website as your starting point:

  • order a piece ‘as is’; that is, as you see it here on the site for the price listed.
  • order a piece or design from my website that has caught your fancy but needs to have a ‘custom fit’ to your own application.
  • order a design that’s completely custom, whether inspired by someone else’s concept or a development of an idea you see here.

In the first case, if you’d like to order right from my site, I offer credit card payment service. I'll just need to talk with you to get your credit card information.

In the second and third instance, call or write me with your intention or inquiry. I’ll be glad to give you a quote for the alteration or for the new design and also will provide a reasonable lead time estimation.

What I usually do for custom orders, once agreement is reached, is request a 50% deposit to begin the job with the balance due upon delivery.