tailor-made fit in a home office desk

tailor-made design, one-of-a-kind desk

custom home office desk

What’s so special about custom or tailor-made?

Simply put, fitting a design to a client’s special functional, spatial and aesthetic parameters all accomplished by way of an open collaborative exchange between the homeowners, the interior designer – Karen Topjian of MTM Designs – and myself.

An 11-foot long solid curly maple top, pullout trays for electronic components, file drawers, large storage drawers, pull-down modesty panel to conceal electrical cables and a hand-rubbed finish carefully matched to other furniture in the room are a few of the features that distinguish this product as tailor-made to the clients’ needs.

Oftentimes, the best solutions are the simplest but here’s a paradox: what’s simple is not necessarily easy. That said, there is no sign of a ‘struggle’ in the final product. The proportions are right; the lines are clean and consistent; there’s a sense of flow and balance between all of the parts. There’s a presence about this product that creates the sense, a feeling that there’s more to it than meets the eye. The subtle detailing of the drawer fronts, the easy action of the drawers, no unsightly electrical cords and an 11-long solid curly maple top made from matching planks out of the same tree – very rare nowadays – all contribute to that presence.

final ‘raw’ preview prior to finishing

tailor-made fit design cabinetry

the new home office

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