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custom handcrafted tables

Beautiful custom tables for any room. This is more than a table, it is an expression of you, your family; an heirloom that provides a unique legacy. Read More »

custom cabinetry

A personalized desk can create an effective home office or provide a bedroom study retreat. Read More »

something different, something new

carefully selected materials, proportions and personality go into every piece we make at peaslee design. Read More »

uniquely built

design, construction, materials and finish all suited to individual tastes and needs... Read More »

one-off designs

creations that are somehow both familiar and highly unusual - maybe you've seen them before but can't quite place where. Read More »

peaslee design

welcome to my world!

this website is an online portfolio of projects I've designed and built either as commissioned jobs or speculative experiments.

the common thread that runs through all of my work is this: there is a story behind each piece. 
whether tailored to fit a certain environment or generated from my own imagination, all of my designs follow a certain path from concept to production.

if you're just browsing, surf through the categories on the left to get an idea of the kinds of pieces i've designed and built and what the process entails. 

just about all that i do falls under a broad banner called 'custom' which is another way of saying 'designed for you'. look at what i've made over the years and use it as a hopping off point for a project you have in mind. or, i'm happy to start from scratch, dream up and develop a design with you that works just for your space.

i won't hound you with pop-ups to get your email address so i can bombard you with 'specials' or 'promotions'. i am much more interested in your buying what you want than in selling you something you don't. i would encourage you to contact me, though, with questions or interest and, if you're interested, to sign up for my blog for regular updates on my narrative.

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